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 CherYsh Visit to Uganda 

September 2019

Dear Friends of CherYsh Worldwide  CherYsh Launches in Uganda

On behalf of the CherYsh team, we would like to express our gratitude for your support towards bringing a healthier happier life to the children at the Sangaalo Babies Home (SBH) in Jinja, Uganda.

We have worked diligently over the past several months to produce a design that solves some of the critical problems we encountered during our last visit to the orphanage, such as a lack of stable energy, water supply or proper classroom space. Therefore, we would like to update you on some of the achievements we have made during this past year.

We returned in September from a long visit to Uganda are pleased to inform you that CherYsh Uganda Foundation (CUF) received its NGO license from the Ministry of Interior and was incorporated as a limited corporation (Ltd) for a period of five years. The registered office for CUF is at Signum Advocates, Kampala (our Ugandan legal counsel). In Kampala we visited our legal team, Signum Advocates and are pleased with the work they completed on our licensing, acquiring clean land title to locate the solar energy plant, completing a joint venture agreement with Sangaalo Babies Home (SBH) in Jinja, Uganda and establishing CUF banking relationship with Stanbic Bank.

We have selected a good water-well firm to complete a geological survey to assess water capacity for two borewells and how best to optimize them to provide the orphanage, school and village with clean pure water. The solar plant engineering design has been completed by our selected vendor and reviewed by Eaton Corporation as a grant along with our board advisors. Our target is to have the solar power and water well system all installed by the end of 2019. Our board is actively interviewing candidates and will appoint two program associates in Jinja, an expert on solar systems and public health.

On our visit to Sangallo Babies Cottage in Jinja, we encountered 28 babies currently living in the orphanage, the license provides for up to 60 babies. Madame Damalie and her husband Pastor David and the children were very happy to see us and received us with a big smile when we delivered two large suitcases containing baby milk powder and other accessories donated by our board member. As always, we would like to share some of the pictures from our visit.

We look forward to sending you our next update at Christmas and are excited about our journey in Uganda

Yours truly,
The CherYsh Team

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She Runs Her Future

CherYsh is running @ the 2019 TCS 10K for the 5th time. The #SheRunsHerFuture campaign got a lot of support in 2018. We continue that to gather momentum and support our cause of Rural Women Empowerment and Child Education.

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MacArthur Foundation Proposal

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