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Women and Girls

CherYsh initiative advances self-sufficiency in low-income communities through educational learning for girls and economic livelihood opportunities for resource-poor women. CherYsh has impacted communities in India through several field projects and field experiments undertaken in the past 5 years.


CherYsh places women at the center of its development plans. These grassroots women have long been challenged by illiteracy, malnutrition, and poverty, and are impatient for change. The approach is to meet them in the throes of their challenge, and to give them tools to helm the change.


CherYsh believes all stakeholders – government, business, civil society – have a part to play in creating more equitable communities. CherYsh will partner with all stakeholders to address the prominent social challenges of women in rural areas.


Development efforts are often challenged by lack of data. CherYsh will work to leverage technology, and improve process for accurate updates on socio-economic and demographic data. The focus is to ensure initiatives have measurable impact. We will strive to create rural transformation via technology.

CherYsh Solution: Programs

Energy Insecurity and Energy Poverty

By linking low-income communities with sustainable modern energy systems and business models we provide one key enabler to economic empowerment. In our case, this happens in the form of micro energy generation and applying artificial intelligence to electric usage data. With scalable markets in SSA and India, the micro energy model can provide economic empowerment, reduce energy poverty/insecurity and give women/girls the capacity to participate in a global society. We are deploying a micro energy system in Jinja, Uganda and anticipate that once operation and sustainable will that it can motivate private investors to allocate capital into a validated low-income rural market segment.

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