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Women and Girls

Gender inequality within low-income communities has limited full participation by women and girls in political, economic, and social life. This problem closes off avenues for individual opportunity and contributions to the development of their journey from lives to livelihoods. There are profound differences between women, girls, boys, and men around the world in terms of their roles, access to resources, rights, and responsibilities. Female entrepreneurship and home industries not only expands the economy; it also helps reduce inequality. Our initiatives are to spur economic development and opportunity by strengthening women’s entrepreneurship through modern energy and livelihood skills thereby creating opportunities for women to participate fully in the global economy.

Yellow Fire Lanterns

Energy Insecurity and Energy Poverty

Cherysh America Foundation is installing modern micro-energy solar systems in Jinja, Uganda. The power system will be used with its related data analytics to enable better healthcare management, primary school education, after-school technical training programs and home-based industries We expect the CherYsh model to become a key enabler of the higher goals of empowering women and girls in low-income and resource poor communities around the world

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